GitHub Issue templates

If you have your project in GitHub, you can create issue templates or forms. These allow you to ask for relevant information from contributors wanting to open a new issue to your repository.

You can have a template for each type of issue. For example, it can be a bug report, a request for a new feature, or a suggestion to improve your project’s documentation. You could also ask for more information.

There are two ways to add templates into your project. You can set them up directly in the settings of your repository, or you can create them with YAML format files.

If you create the templates writing yourself the YAML format files, you can create them locally (on your machine) and push them to your repository when ready.

The templates files should be under the directory .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE at the root of your project. There should be one YAML file for each template, if you decide to have different types. You also need a config.yml file if you want to customize the template selection.

For a step by step guide, please visit the GitHub documentation.

Examples of GitHub issue templates